The 2 Easy Button Solutions Coming Soon

There’s no doubt entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats. This week I’ve been tackling some serious backburner tasks that make my head spin. I’ve spent hours researching systems for data storage and backups (graphic design and photography files take up a LOOOOOOOOOOT of space). I also have been studying software that integrates proposals, contracts, invoicing and payments with a variety of other features. There are so many choices, each a bit different, yet none are exactly what I need. Heck, do I even know what I need anymore?

Seriously, my head hurts after trying to compare what seems like apples and … well, elephants.


As an entrepreneur, I am the IT person, the administrative assistant and everything in between. I often long for the days when I could dial an interoffice extension and the appropriate specialist would magically appear to resolve my issue. It can be frustrating to endlessly research relatively foreign concepts and invest in systems that should make life easier, only to find out that’s totally not the case.

Let’s face it, time and money are super valuable. That’s why I’m working on some things to make my clients’ lives easier.

For my fellow entrepeneurs who want to rock a stellar brand, I’ll soon be rolling out new packages for design services that take the frustration out of creating a visual identity for your business.

For my fellow parents who appreciate family photos a little out of the ordinary, I’ll also have some new lifestyle photography packages to unveil.

I’ve been working on all the nitty-gritty details for, like, ever. I’m excited to be getting very close to sharing everything with you! Unlike my tech quests this week (UGH!), I want you to be able to hit the “easy button” and call it a day. Sound good?

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