No, sorry! Mini sessions are offered only on select dates and at select locations. Holding several mini sessions on the same day allows me to offer these at a lower price than a standalone session.

That's because I don't offer it. I only offer sessions I love to shoot. If you're looking for seniors, birthday parties, headshots, you won't find them here. They're just not my jam, and I want you to have a photographer who loves that work. 

Maybe. I completely understand how special some places are. It depends on how flexible you are with timing. The best time for happy people in your photos isn't always the best lighting for your desired location. Ex.) When your baby is happiest after an afternoon nap, the lighting at your family's barn is probably direct sunlight. Let's talk more.

My style is natural, warm and glowy, and best at the golden hour (just before sunset). We can still shoot with clouds or at other times of day, I just ask that you're flexible on the location. Great scenery is pointless if you're squinting in the bright sun or getting completely windblown.

I'm sure your family is awesome, but let's face it ... even the most coordinated, well-behaved bunch is still a lot of people in one photo. That means I have a lot more responsibility, posing and things to get right to create images you'll treasure for a lifetime. 

Kids have a sixth sense about professional photos. No matter how great they smile for you at home or how much you prepare (ahem, bribe) them, the moment you pull up to the session all bets are off. And I mean that in the most loving, empathetic way. (I'm a mom of two boys under 6. I get it.) 

Tell me about your kids' interests in your pre-session questionnaire so I can connect with them. Don't forget snacks, toys, favorite books, etc. and never ever bring them to a session on an empty stomach. Ask me how I know.

While culling and editing, I'm watching for inconsistencies like hair in the face, weird things with clothing, lipstick on teeth, etc. If there's something I can fix quickly, I always do. If it's more intense, I leave it for you to decide. If you really want an image retouched, I can usually do that for an additional fee, depending on the issue. Let's chat more about your specific requests.

My contract guarantees you'll have them back within three weeks of your session. It really depends on the season and what my overall workload is like. I'll try not to keep you waiting, but I want to give your images the time they deserve.

Thanks! We'll be in touch!