My words of wisdom? Start with an open mind and don't stress too much. Family photos should be fun, not frustrating. 

Light. Without great light, even the most scenic location can fall flat. That's why it's my first priority. We'll work around your family's scheduling needs while optimizing the availability of ambient light.

Location. Often, the most simple, unexpected spots yield the most beautiful photos. We'll narrow down your aesthetic preferences and I'll suggest some options. 

Look. Soft and neutral. Colorful and coordinated? Whatever your style, we'll take that into account when planning your session. Need a second set of eyes on your wardrobe choices? I'm here to help!  

What to wear

Is there anything more frustrating than figuring out what to wear? Analysis paralysis is real, folks. I've been there myself. But don't worry. I've got you!

Soft neutrals are always sure thing. Think ivory, blush, tan, taupe, olive, gray, dusty blue, etc. Plus, they provide a great foundation to add accents. Add subtle interest with textures like chunky knits, chambray, lace or crochet, linen, etc. 

Want to push the envelope a bit? Try adding pops of jewel and earth tones or integrating a nice pattern or two. 

Use caution with super bold patterns and extra bright colors, which can overpower the scene or cause color casts on skin. Watch out for distracting logos, especially on men's clothing. 

If you're unsure, feel free to snap a quick pic and text or email me. I'm happy to help advise ahead of time! And don't stress too much, just choose something that you feel like a million bucks in. Confidence is always in style. 

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